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Daniel is a senior software engineer, tech geek, excellent problem-solver, loving challenge.
Serving as software engineer at top global IT companies (Nokia, Huawei) for 8+ years.
Solid background in computer science, software engineering, computer network and telecommunication.
Expansive industry project experience over C/S, B/S, Embedded/RTOS, distributed system and large telecom system.
Proficient technical skills in programming (C/C++, Java, Ruby, JavaScript, Python, TNSDL, Shell, etc.), database (Oracle, DB2, MySQL, SQLite, Redis), OS (Linux/Unix, Mac OS, FreeRTOS, ARM, STM32), Cloud Computing (AWS, OCCI, OpenStack, OpenNebula, IaaS, PaaS, SaaS), web (Rails, jQuery, Bootstrap, CSS/HTML5) and Android development.