Document Library System

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The “Document Library System” is project proudly developed by Everglow software solutions.

It is a credit based doc share, download and management system where users earn credits through uploading useful docs and download other resources by spending the credit.

The project is deployed to our client(a lawyer firm)’s local server making it accessible though both our client’s Intranet and the Internet.


  • Credit based doc share, download and management system.
  • Automatically detect word counts of the uploaded document and reword the user with according with points.
  • Automatically converts an uploaded file into PDF.
  • Display a PDF copy of the uploaded Word, Excel, PPT or Image file in the website, keeping the original file safe from hacking.
  • Advanced search function allowing users to find a document using date, author, keywords and etc.
  • Highly customizable categories.
  • Review and rating.